NU SHOOZ Orchestra - "Right Before My Eyes"

Over the course of several years, as I was just learning to animate, I worked on a music video for an iteration of my parents band NU SHOOZ. The video was to feature two characters from a series of childrens books my father wrote and illustrated for me when I was a young one...

After a long journey, involving many technical difficulties, a lot of planning, and hundreds of hours of art, and a long hiatus... here's my high-school self honouring my childhood buddies, Momo and Neener to the tune of Right Before My Eyes, written by John Smith.

Motion Test

Rushing to apply for an upcoming animation job, I created a really fast animation showing off the techniques I'd learned over the course of making the NU SHOOZ music video.

I did not get the job, however the outcome of this piece (short as it is,) is quite pleasant.